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About Us

For those of you who don't know us, you're probably wondering...who are these people and what is this all about? Both are perfectly logical questions. To sum it up, we're partners in love, business and now travel if we didn't already have enough on our plates! Right now, it's more of a hobby for us, but you never know. If someone out there needs us to work for them for travel, who are we to turn it down? Someone has to do the dirty work! ; )


Within the past few years or so, we've started to travel quite a bit. Both of us grew up without having traveled much at all, if ever. Neither of us had ever been on a plane, gone out of the country or gotten our passports until we were adults. We both come from humble family beginnings. In other words - trips, vacations and traveling in general was not an option. Something else that we have in common is our mixed ethnic backgrounds. We're both American born and raised, however our collective ancestry derives from Haiti, Germany, Nigeria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Benin, India, Southern USA, the Iberian Peninsula and several other places. As we continue to learn more about our family histories, it makes us really curious about the world.


Nowadays, we're in a fortunate enough position to finally be able to explore a bit. Our excursions vary anywhere from exploring musical roots in Haiti and Cuba, to heading over to Kansas in search of the best BBQ. We may even just drive a couple of hours from where we live in Chicago for a quick day hike. We're both curious, open minded souls who appreciate the diversity of natural beauty and culture that exists all around the world and even within our own backyards. 


We feel that you can find beauty everywhere you look. There's more than one way to see the world and we believe that if you remain versatile in your approach, you can learn a lot and create some extraordinary memories in the process. We hope that our travels inspire you to go have your own variety of adventures, no matter how near or far. 




Kristian & Jacob 

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